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Looking to build a beautiful and functional website that drives sales and increases your bottom line?

Flux Studio has experience developing high end web content that is not only gorgeously designed but coded impeccably. We specialize in dynamic websites and e-commerce solutions, as well as web marketing solutions. Properly coded and gorgeous looking websites means higher rankings, more clients, and higher profits. 

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We utilize full analytics systems to continuously optimize performance and drive sales and conversions based on actual user data. Never make decisions based on anything but facts.


We build full e-commerce solutions to capture payments for products & services directly through your website. Everything can be customized and tailored to your needs, such as shipping and POS systems.


Our websites are always built to size themselves fluidly to fit any screen size for any device. This allows maximum exposure to your clients and helps boost Google rankings.


Beautifully crafted designs that offer client interaction, animation, and gorgeous design all rolled into a functional site that people will enjoy browsing.



E-Commerce is the future of shopping, already taking retail by storm. In 2017 online sales globally exceeded 370 billion dollars. So it is no surprise that stores are shifting focus to meet this demand.

Setting up an online store can be quite demanding. Beyond the website and E-Commerce store itself you need to worry about processing payments safely, inventory systems, how you will effectively package and charge for shipping, and so many other details.

Our team is experienced in setting up E-Commerce solutions for first timers and experienced sellers alike. We can help you streamline your process to start selling online and tap into that 370 billion dollar market. We also give you all the tools you need to be able to boost sales and ultimately make more money.

Let us know what your needs are and we can schedule an appointment to get your store online today.

Get your site out of the “Web Cemetery”

The internet is today’s informational super-highway. Anyone looking for information, products, or services just needs to pull the phone out of their pocket and ask it a question. If you aren’t boasting a website with the possibility to book or sell online, pushing conversions or generating leads with new clients, your site is essentially in the web cemetery.

If a client comes to your physical store and see’s the lights closed – no one is walking in. The web is the same way. You need to not only entice but provoke a viewer to convert to a paying customer. You need to give them the tools they have come to expect from an online experience to better take advantage of your products and services.



Today’s websites need to be a lot more flexible than ever before. Between ultra wide monitors, tablets, and ever-changing phone sizes, we build our websites to be flexible. With a site that dynamically changes to the users screen size, you provide a better service to your customers while also boosting your ranking in Google, as responsive design is now an essential part in their ranking algorithm.




We want your business to grow, and we want to help you boost conversions and sales. Our web marketing packages allow us to do this through calculated facts and real customer data – no wishful thinking or personal opinion. By pulling various statistics and performing constantly running tests on your website, we use the aggregated data to fully optimize the user experience to turn the highest possible percentage of viewers into paying customers.


We offer three simple packages for hosting on our custom built dedicated server. Our server is built and maintained for speed, efficiency, and safety. We often update it to keep everything as secure and lighting fast as possible.

Since our hosting is all on a dedicated server, each client has sufficient RAM and CPU allocated to them for maximum speed – something you will never get with shared hosting companies.

  • E-Mail Only
    $6 Monthly
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • 2GB Email Storage
    • Server Setup Included
    • Webmail Access
    • Setup Included
    • No Website Storage
  • E-Commerce
    $25$ Monthly
    • High Capacity
    • Secure SSL Included
    • Daily Automatic Backups
    • SSL Included
    • E-Commerce Ready
    • Setup Included

These packages are subscription based and will be charged monthly to your credit card. You can cancel anytime as we do not have any contracts or cancellation fees. Our goal is to keep you using our services through great quality services, not ugly contracts and fees.


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Starting a new website from scratch or replacing an outdated one can be a daunting task. Let our team streamline the process from beginning to end providing you with a hassle-free solution.
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