Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if it is raining?

Usually we go to a park / outdoor location between the ceremony and reception, and sometimes the weather won’t comply. In these situations, we still go on with our photos as planned but we will provide as much cover from the rain VIA an umbrella to keep you dry. In the end, your photos will still come out looking perfect and with our editing, you won’t even know it was raining on your big day. In the case of a big storm or any other extreme weather conditions, we will work with what we have and change the plans accordingly to get the best pictures possible.

When will I get my photos / video?

We always estimate a timeline of 3 months for full delivery of photos and video, but usually the actual delivery time is much sooner.

How long will you stay for the wedding?

Contracts may differ for weddings with unusual times, but generally speaking we always have a team member there until the end of your wedding. We don’t believe in packing up and leaving at a per-determined time if your wedding is still going on. We are there for you, so we provide our service until you no longer need us.

Where can I learn more about online marketing?

Every product & service we offer comes with extensive training. Should you have specific questions concerning a custom built solution, please open a ticket by logging into Your Account. If you want to learn more about the online marketing world in general, we have a Learning Center  just for that. We update it periodically with new information and tips to help your business grow.

What happens if my website / hosting has problems?

If you encounter issues with your website, emails, hosting, etc. we urge you to use our support system to send us a ticket with detailed information on the issue. For regular maintenance, web changes, and alterations, we offer maintenance packages for clients looking to streamline their workflow. Please take a look at our packages to see what suits your needs best, and what they include.

Can I cancel my hosting whenever I want?

Yes! There are absolutely no contracts keeping you with us for any extended period of time. We hope our great services and dependability will keep you with us long term – not hard to understand contracts and terms. All hosting packages are pre-paid for 30 days. As long as you cancel within the 30 days of your most recent payment (before the next billing cycle) you may contact us to cancel your subscription without questions asked.

Why is my domain separate from my hosting package?

There are two reasons for this. One reason is that our hosting services are not on contract. This means you can cancel anytime you wish. However, a domain can only be registered on a yearly basis, as per the rules set by the registrar. That means there could be conflicts between your hosting packages and your domain. We also allow you to point multiple domains to the same site being hosted, meaning you can have more than one domain per account.

What is included with my hosting package?

A hosting package includes the service of “renting” space on our servers for you to host and maintain your website. We also provide you with cloud services such as emails. This does not include the registration of your domain name, which can be purchased with us separately. For more information on all the specs of our hosting environment concerning speed and performance, please refer to the Hosting Packages page to choose the right package for you.

How does licensing work?

Licensing works off the principle of only paying for what you need. To license a piece of music, you have three options:

Standard licensing basically means Flux Studio always retains the rights and ownership of the piece. You are purchasing a license to use with permission this piece of audio for a project of less than 5,000 copies. You may not re-sell or re-distribute the audio in any way. You also do not have permission to use the audio on television or radio.

Extended licensing allows you to use the audio un an unlimited number of project copies, but Flux Studio always retains the full rights and ownership of the piece. You may use the piece for television and radio. You may not sell this file directly, but may sell the project this audio file is used in. So selling the as-is audio purchased from us is restricted, but the final version of the song (ie final song with vocals over it) may be sold commercially.

The unlimited license gives you full control and ownership over the piece of audio. The piece will no longer be sold on our store and you now fully own it. You may do with it as you please, including selling and re-distributing it.

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